Posted by: Andrea | April 27, 2008

But a very sexy rugby player…

So I agreed to run a 10k towards the end of May (three weeks away now) and then stupidly have hardly run at all since Christmas.  Yesterday the sun was actually shining, so I dusted off the running shoes and went for a run with two friends who are also doing the 10k with me.  I was feeling good, had run about 3.5 miles and stopped by the shop for some milk on the way home.  Now to be fair, I was pretty sweaty and red and had clearly just exercised quite a bit before I walked into the shop.  I was wearing a blue top, so the guy who owned the shop asked, “are you a rangers fan?” (just as an aside, there are two main football teams – that’s soccer to my american brethren – here in Glasgow.  Rangers wear blue and Celtic wear green.  There are HUGE rivalries between the two that are also very closely linked to sectarianism and violence, so I pretty much stay out of it).

‘Oh, no.’  I answered.  ‘I don’t really follow football.  I prefer rugby.’

He nodded in understanding.  ‘That must be why you’re so strong,’ he agreed.

Um…I know the guy probably intended it as some sort of compliment, but was he implying that I could play rugby?  Or resembled a rugby player in some way?  Because whichever way you look at it, that is NOT a compliment.  And seriously, I swear, I’m 5’5″!  I’m not a rugby player!  

I may have to do a bit more more running…



  1. But was he cute? 🙂

    Cause that’s really the bottom line…

  2. I wish! He was about my grandfather’s age! I’m just hoping it was some sort of compliment that lost in translation across the generations. I can always hope…

  3. It was a compliment. My granddad’s from the same generation as your complimenter. A strong woman was probably the most attractive thing thing going during “the war” and a young woman who is strong like they were “in the old days” is a very good thing.

    He called Anne Margrette a “strong woman” and no on e would confuse her with a rugby player.

  4. Grandfather’s age! Doh! Oh well….just think: maybe his little flirtation with you totally made his day. You made an old man feel young and spry again! Consider it your good deed for the day…

  5. Thanks charming! I’m going to take it as a compliment and be happy for it. Wouldn’t want to be though of as anything less than strong anyway! 🙂

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