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  1. Hi,

    My name is Brent, and I am from Texas. I was googling, “Why do Scottish people say baltic?” and stumbled upon your blog. I smiled and recognized the sayings and expressions because I have been on RangersMedia since April, 2009.

    Simply, I joined the RangersMedia because I do follow Glasgow Rangers.

    There are some words that I want to share with you that I had to learn on my own by using Google and Urban Dictionary. One night, I was reading a post by a female who was steaming and got mad at another female for jumping on her back. She punched her fanny. At that time, I was really puzzled due to the location of the girl on her back, so I quickly knew that she did not punch her rear end. I had to use Urban Dictionary to find out what it really means. I got lightly teased about that when I brought it up.

    I also notice that most of them use the word “cunt” a lot (both men and women). They seem to love using the word “massive” and “brilliant”. Honestly, there is one thing I am not really used to hearing men saying, “Oh dear” because I know I would be laughed out if I say that in the US. I realized it can mean in a different way from their perspective.

    Aye, they do say baltic a lot. LOL

    I’m chuffed to read your blog on the interesting sayings/expressions by the Scots.


  2. Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards,

  3. Hello there,
    Your innocent and charming analysis of oor funny auld language made me smile. I spent some time in New York in the late 80s and found it close to impossible to communicate sometimes. Especially with a few bevvies in me.
    If you want to find more strange glesga slang, look up Garry Rowe of FB (my big brother). Everyday he posts Glesga slang phrases. Yesterday it was “Gen up”, the day before it was “stoap yer Girrnin”, and another was “hod yer weeshd”.
    People all over Scotland are starting to type message on FB exactly how they would say them. It just seems to have happened. It good I think. eg
    If I were to type:
    “Am goin tae the picturs the morra tae see a fulum bit a huvnae a scobby whit wan am gonni see yit. Nae dout it wull be the wains that wull choose an al dae whit am telt”.(make sense) It does when I say it.

    Well do you
    Or should I say “goin yer sell an gee it laldae” lol
    Regards Ricky fae Ayrshir..

  4. Sorry s/be Well done you (not well do you) “Whit a tube”, a canni type well!!

  5. When Doctor Who told Amy Pond that she was “so Scottish,” what did he mean?

  6. hello!
    i love you blog! I am an American who recently married a Scottsman and your blog is spot on! He uses most of these words daily with me! Other ones I am learning:

    muppet: idiot
    Hank Marvin: starving (Cockney rhyming slang is big apparently…that’s where Scooby doo comes from as well)
    binto: not very nice word for a female (no, he didn’t call me one:)
    ginger: someone with red hair

    and the list goes on…

    thanks for the blog!

    Team Scamerica (our name;)

  7. I was watching a reality show where Americans are staying in Scottland. The Americans went to a pub and started talking to some Scotts about dancing. The Scotts asked the Americans “what kind of dance do you do when you’re shagging a pig”. What does that mean? Is it slang for a type of dance?

  8. Wow, not that I know of! “Shagging” means to have sex with “pig” isn’t a slang term for anything I know. Maybe they were just teasing them? Of course I am no expert either, I’m sure some Scottish person somewhere knows exactly what that means!

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