Posted by: Andrea | March 15, 2011


So as an update, shortly after I posted last, I was asked to two interviews!  My first in months.  One was yesterday and one is tomorrow.  Much time was spent deciding on an interview outfit, but I managed to pick one that I felt confident and comfortable in (and thankfully the stain on my shirt was covered up by my jacket!).

I think the interview yesterday went fine, though I feel like I messed up on the last question.  I was feeling really confident about the interview, lots of head nodding and writing things down from both interviewers and I felt like I came across well, though probably nervous.  Then one threw out a question at the end “what scares you the most about this job?” and then…I DID IT.

I stupidly just said the first thing that came into my head, which was TRUE, but was probably not the best thing to say in that instance.  I had intended to say that this was something that I personally was nervous about, that I feel it’s not one of my strengths, but that I know is mostly in my head because I’ve always been told this particular worry is not actually true about myself.  I was trying to be honest and self deprecating!  But one of the interviewers made a face and suddenly I felt like I’d gone into an interview for a CPA position and said ‘well I really just hate math.’  I felt like an idiot.

I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as I felt like it was and I did try to backtrack a bit, but I felt like I’d totally left a horrible impression.  Unfortunately, not much I can do about it now!  And to be honest, the job isn’t exactly one I’m desperate to take, so maybe it’s for the best.  I have one more interview tomorrow and I’m determined not to get caught out in the end by my own stupid honesty.  Who wants honesty?  This is a job interview!


  1. I just gave Bad Pants the idea to see about getting you on with HR in LO for his company. You’ll probably hear from him soon.

    Also, I hear your engagement ring is very similar to mine! Very nice!

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