Posted by: Andrea | March 2, 2011

The unemployment blues

So I’ve been home for four months now and I’m still (STILL!) unemployed. I was aware that might be a possibility, but I had really really hoped that I’d be able to get a job by now. I’ve been unemployed once before right after college and it took me eight months to get a job. It was also an incredibly depressing time of my life, getting worse after every unsuccessful interview.

This time is slightly better, only because I knew ahead of time that the economy was bad and I’d prepared myself for a period of unemployment. It’s also slightly worse because I have much more experience (and a master’s degree!) and can’t even seem to get a single interview! I’ve applied for so many jobs I’ve lost count and yet still hadn’t had a single interview. And I’m really good at my job! I swear, at my last review before I left my old job, my boss couldn’t find a single bad thing to say about me. So what’s the deal? I’m pretty frustrated, to say the least.

I’m doing my best to stay positive. I mean, think of all the time I have! I’m taking lots of walks with the dog and have embarked on a new exercise regime. But it’s hard to regain that personal sense of accomplishment without a job. I never thought that I would relate so much of my own self-esteem to my job, but I guess you learn something new everyday. I do have a lot of goals for my career and it’s hard to accomplish them without a job. It also makes me feel like maybe there’s something wrong with me if I’m not even getting an interview. I know there are so many other people that are in the same boat, but it’s so depressing and every day I feel a little bit less confident. It’s hard to sell yourself when you don’t believe in yourself.

Though I’m trying really hard to keep that belief.

In the good news column, there are two jobs I’ve applied for recently that I both really want and am actually well qualified for. Please GOD let me get an interview.


  1. Crossing my fingers for you!

    There comes a point at which a person becomes so desperate for a job that it puts interviewers off. I hope (and doubt) you will get to that point.

    Wishing you luck! Also wishing I was coming with Bad Pants to Portland this weekend so we could visit!

  2. First of all, I missed your blogging. Glad to hear from you!

    Also, I know the feeling. Fortunately I’m not unemployed, but I am trying to find employment in the city I want to move to. And I haven’t gotten anything, not even an interview, not even a rejection letter. It’s like I don’t exist. So frustrating.

  3. I think that’s the worst part. It’s the ‘like you don’t even exist’ feeling. I’m like, hello? I’m here? Even just an acknowledgment would be great! But no. Sigh.

    And it was great seeing bad pants Sunshine! It’s really too bad you guys moved before I got home, it would have been great to catch up in person!

  4. Oh Andrea, in some ways the move was great. In many others, I regret it horribly. I just wish I had been able to come with him, but the critters can’t feed themselves!

  5. I definitely know the feeling. I don’t think any move is ALL good. As much as I love being home, I miss my friend back in Scotland desperately. I know it’s best for me in the long run to be here, but it makes me so sad thinking of my friend back there and not being parts of their day to day lives. I think there is always something sad about a move, there are always things you leave behind that you regret.

  6. It was less the leaving behind and more the “our dog passed away as soon as we crossed into Georgia” that leaves me disliking the move. Also, we’re so very much Westerners that the culture took some getting used to. I don’t miss the rain. I don’t have to. Rain here gives new meaning to “down pour”, as it’s nothing like the PNW.

    I miss Tillamook cheese (why BP had to bring back a bunch), and Oregon Pinot, which isn’t easy to get here. However, we can get our neighbor’s wine, from the vineyards I used to walk through. And there’s no good coffee here at all. Only Starbucks. No locally owned stands. I miss having mountains off in the vista and being closer to friends and family. But, I do love the weather here and we’re slowly making new friends.

    I’m glad BP was able to take you for the gelato he promised years ago.

  7. I think the making friends thing is the hardest thing but also the one aspect that makes a new place easier once you’ve made some. I’m glad that it’s happening, slowly but surely!

    I can’t believe it’s been years, but it really has! So much has happened it’s hard to believe. We were both disappointed not to get birthday cake gelato, but we found other flavors that were just as tasty. I try not to get it that often because it just gives me a craving for it and I want to have more and more!

  8. Yeah, the gelato place seems to have changed hands last spring. We like the marscapone in a shot of espresso. Ok, we had it for breakfast once and it was great!

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