Posted by: Andrea | October 31, 2010

It costs HOW much?!

I’ve been home now for just over two weeks and already the wedding planning is in full force.  I have a few other considerable issues to deal with, such as finding a car and finding a JOB.  So, you know, just a few small tasks.  But after leaving the wedding on the back burner to deal with moving, now that I’m home I’ve started reading the magazines, looking around for reception venues and trying to get an idea of what we want this wedding to be.  And suddenly it seems like we have to book everything RIGHT NOW because we’re SO BEHIND!  I’ve seen timelines where at 12+ months people are booking venues and shopping for dresses.  My wedding is only 10 months away and I’m just getting started!  OH MY GOD MY WEDDING IS DOOMED.

And of course, everything is so expensive I just about faint every time I even think about a budget.  I’ve always been a saver, not a spender.  I have a very hard time spending money, particularly a lot of money.  And a lot of money to me is anything more than $100.  So I’m starting to get ulcers thinking about the amount of money this wedding could theoretically cost.  The thing is, I’m not even paying for this wedding!  Because if I was, we’d be getting married in our backyard and having a reception BBQ, because we have no money.

Most of our guests are family and close family friends, so my parents want to celebrate well and give them a good time.  Which is so nice of them, I cannot fault my parents at all.  My mom has been trying to get me to calm down about the money but it’s SO hard.  It’s not just about the THOUSANDS that we will most likely spend, even with me trying to cut corners wherever I can.  It just makes me see red whenever I see the costs that people charge just because it’s a wedding.  This whole wedding industry just pisses me off so much!  I hate the whole idea that we have to throw this gigantic party with flowers and food and decorations and entertainment and booze (because WOW is that expensive).  And all the crap that goes with it, like matching table decorations and centerpieces and favors!  Ugh, the favors.  Biggest waste of money ever.  We are NOT having favors.  Unless I could eat it, at every wedding I’ve ever been to, I threw my favor away.

So anyway, after a mild panic this weekend, I’m seriously considering having the wedding in my parents’ backyard.  It will save us SO much money, plus it will give us the control over how we choose to have our wedding.  No packaged deals, no in-house caterers, no super expensive wine and boring centerpieces.  I’m not sure how we’ll fit approximately 75 people in my parents’ backyard, but I’m interested in finding out if I can.  Also, finding out how to ensure that 75 people have a place to pee.  Most important details first.


  1. Bad Pants and I have been considering renewing our vows since there wasn’t ANY family at our wedding and we didn’t get the opportunity to have a family ceremony. So, yeah, we know what you mean about the costs! AND we were considering having it at the farm in Oregon originally too. Even then, that’s still expensive! I cannot imagine an elaborate wedding, much less catering to everyone else’s expectations.

    BTW, you can rent port-a-potties. Not my fav idea either, but maybe something to consider.

  2. 🙂 You are the FIRST “bridezilla” I have heard worry about where the guests shall pee. You win!

  3. Oh my god, after reading horror stories of at-home weddings that overpowered the septic systems, I am VERY concerned about where guests will pee! And I’m trying very hard not to be a bridezilla. 🙂

  4. We had edible favors at our wedding and people still didn’t take them. Well they did eventually – when we walked around forcing them on people.

  5. It was actually your experience that decided me about the favors! After reading about how nobody took them, I decided it was the perfect place to cut costs. Nobody cares about those favors anyway, so why spend the money? Plus I’m most likely going to be making my invitations and arranging our very limited flowers, so it’s just one more thing that I’d have to put together.

  6. Costco has some great packages for diy flowers.

  7. ooh, interesting! I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

  8. Look at the packages online. I don’t think they advertise wedding stuff in the store.

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