Posted by: Andrea | August 20, 2010

Etsy Spat

This year for my birthday my parents bought me a kindle. I read A LOT, so I was VERY excited about this present, as you can imagine. As soon as I saw it and realized how flimsy the thing was, i immediately started searching for a cover.

Enter, Etsy.

Now, I am a recent discoverer of Etsy. I know, I know, what rock have I been hiding under? I feel like I have only scratched the surface of this amazing website. I admit to looking at quite a few items, usually jewellery, but as of now I’ve only bought four things. So i can’t exactly call myself an Etsy expert. I stand very squarely in the ‘novice, watch out so you don’t trample me’ section.

But I really wanted a pretty kindle cover that was unique, so I started looking for something handmade. I picked out a cover and design that I liked and sent along my money at the beginning of July. The designer told me it would take a bit longer than advertised, but said it would ship in three weeks. Disappointing, but I said that was all right.

Fast forward to four weeks later and I sent her an etsy message asking to be informed when the cover was shipped. She said it would be shipping that Monday.

Um…yeah, no. It did not ship. I kept checking the mail for two weeks, worrying that it got lost in the mail. Three weeks later she finally emailed saying she’d been featured in an article and was running behind because of lots of orders from these articles, and that the cover finally shipped that week.

FINALLY, after nine weeks of waiting, I received my cover.

I was very well made, lovely design work, exactly the fabrics I’d picked out. But…it was kind of big. It was bigger than I really wanted, to be honest. It was very padded, but it was probably better to protect the kindle that way. It was maybe not EXACTLY what I wanted, but it was as the pictures had shown it and besides, that’s one of the downsides from ordering on the internet, right? You can’t really know what it’s going to be like until you see it in person. Not really her fault.

The one thing that DID bug me was that this cover obviously hadn’t been designed with the Kindle actually in mind. It fit the size of the kindle, but not the way it is used. The way the cover secured the kindle was by four fabric corners, which in theory, is fine. Except that the on and off switch for the kindle is at the top left corner, which is partially covered by the corner securing it to the backing. To turn the kindle on and off, I can’t just reach up and flip it off, I have to sort of bend the corner to be able to reach the button. It’s annoying.

Now if I’d just LOVED that cover, I probably could have forgiven the long wait. But, well, I just didn’t love it. It was fine. It was as described, with some slight annoyances. So when I trotted on over to Etsy to give my feedback, I just gave neutral feedback, saying that while I felt the cover was lovely, I was disappointed with the long wait time to be shipped (seven weeks).


I got an etsy email back saying that I was ‘unkind.’ That I’d ‘hurt her business’ by leaving her a ‘POOR score.’ Oh and by the way, ‘it was so wonderful of you to do that.’


Now I was confused. Did I accidently press ‘negative’ when I meant to put ‘neutral’? Did I write something negative while I was sleep walking? Let me read what I wrote again:

Gorgeous cover with lovely craftsmanship. Only negative aspect was the long wait for the order to be shipped (7 weeks) but Karen was helpful and very accommodating with assisting me to pick out colors that I liked.

Hmm. Yeah, I’m sorry, but that actually seems like a pretty positive response to me!

I emailed her back to say that I WAS disappointed with the long wait when she’d told me otherwise. That it was a neutral shopping experience for me, which was why I picked neutral. If she informed her customers that it would take awhile to receive items, I’m sure nothing I said would effect her business.

WELL! I then checked on my own profile and she’d left what can only be described as a DIATRIBE of crap, giving me negative feedback. Again saying I’m ‘unkind’ and ‘felt the need to give poor feedback.’ Then she advertised for her own shop!

The only thing I can deduce is that this woman is crazy.

I looked into it a bit more and found that for every person who had left neutral feedback (two others, one negative) she’s done the same thing. On one of them she said the person had psychiatric issues because they kept asking her where the cover was! I ultimately wasn’t that worried about whatever she said on my profile because it makes her look crazier than me, but still! I feel like she’s being totally unprofessional and borderline abusive. Is it possible to complain to the Esty powers that be? I was just going to ignore her, but now I’m really mad about this.

I also noticed that right after I left my neutral feedback, another woman left some SERIOUSLY negative feedback right above me. Can’t wait to see how she deals with THAT!



  1. Sounds a lot like ebay. If you leave neutral feedback for sellers, ebay takes it as a negative and then gives them minor sanctions. Basically the same thing happened to me there. I left neutral feedback and got negative slander in return. I did have it removed, but ebay also insisted on removing my feedback as well.

    What I learned from the experience is to leave only positive feedback or don’t leave any at all.

    I’m sorry your Etsy experience sucked.

  2. Whoa, that shit is crazy! I realize nobody wants anything but praise when they’re trying to sell their wares, but you have to provide good customer service in order to EARN such praise. Her reaction is totally uncalled for.

  3. The thing was, I was REALLY pissed off when I first read that feedback left on my page (well, shocked and then pissed off) but I figured, she’s the one that looks crazy, not me.

    I know this is (hopefully!) a limited Etsy experience, but it also goes to show what can happen when any old person tries to start a business. Some people are just not cut out for customer service! I’m seriously considering making a complaint straight to Etsy because I feel like she’s really bullying people! But I don’t know what if anything will happen.

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