Posted by: Andrea | November 17, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

When I was a kid, every year I got the flu.  I knew that each year I’d get a least one day off school due to vomiting.  See, my mom had a rule.  The only way to automatically get time off school was vomit or a temperature.  Strangely it’s a personal rule I’ve still kept for myself when it comes to taking time off of work.  Unless I have a fever or am actively vomiting, I feel like I should go to work.

It seems, however, that I am the only person who thinks that way.  See, our sickness leave is organized kind of strangely.  We’re allowed to take two periods of sickness every year, but only two.  If we take more than that, we’re interviewed by the disciplinary committee (for what, I don’t know.  What else can you say?  I got sick.  THE END).  We can take up to a full week of sick leave before we need to get a doctor’s note.  So if I get sick, I can take one day or five days and it’s viewed exactly the same by personnel.  You can understand that people here ALWAYS take a full week off if they get sick.

My problem?  I never get sick.  My entire team are dropping like flies and taking full weeks off sick and I get nothing!  There are chest infections, multiple kidney infections and a kidney stone removal (SIX MONTHS that guy took off) and I’m still working away.  Recently it’s been pretty bad with tons of people off sick.  I have whined to KB a few times about my healthy immune system and how I never get time off and it’s not fair!  I should get sick too!

Um, yeah, I wish I’d just shut up about that.

Sunday night after dinner I started feeling funny.  My stomach was bothering me but KB has had a pretty bad cold these last few weeks so I thought maybe I was getting that.  Until the vomiting started.

Oy, did the vomiting start.

You know, it’s been A LONG TIME since I vomited while sober.  It’s not that fun.  It’s actually awful and painful and tastes bad.  And leaves me sitting on the bathroom floor wrapped in a blanket and shivering in the middle of the night.  Actually, barfing while drunk can do that too, but at least I’m not sober while doing THAT.  And you can almost make a game of lying on the floor and trying to keep the room from spinning.

I’m not sure if it was food poisoning or some sort of flu virus, but I became very closely re-acquainted with vomiting over the next 24 hours.  Thankfully KB was the perfect boyfriend and took very good care of me.  He made me tea and toast and brought me frozen peas for my forehead (better than ice!) and made sure I was comfy on the couch with lots of blankets and pillows.  I feel much much better today, which is a huge relief.

So here’s the even bigger question.  I’ve already taken two days off and I could probably go back to work tomorrow and feel ok.  But should I take another day off just because I can?  One part of me thinks, well, everybody else does it!  Why can’t I?  But then the other part of me thinks that I’m just not that kind of person, I can’t take time off work if I’m not legitimately sick.  Everybody else may think it’s fine, but if I just go along with it too, I’m just making the problem worse!  But then…it IS another day off work, which would be nice and I could use the rest.  So what do you all think?



  1. Get the rest and let your body heal. Like you, I tend to go to work until I’m at death’s door. However, I discovered that I (and you too!) recuperate much, much faster and get back to normal sooner if I get enough rest and not push myself. So, rest!

  2. I did end up taking another day to rest and it was good that I did! I’ve still been feeling exhausted after very little physical activity so it was good to take an extra day.

  3. They’ll send us home from work at the hospital if we just sniffle too loudly, so the idea of only having two sickness periods each year just floors me. No pun intended, but that’s totally foreign to me.

    I hope you feel better soon! Take all five!

  4. I hate wasting my vacation on being sick. So they say if you dont have a fever you can usually go back to work, even though it wouldnt be much fun. But i would weigh that with the time off options…if you get sick time, stay home and read!!!

  5. Honestly, my work is CRAZY with the whole ‘two periods of sickness thing.’ It always completely backfires. If we’re sick, we should be able to go home! We work with a lot of vulnerable people so it would be so easy to pass something on.

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