Posted by: Andrea | April 19, 2009

The puppy has landed

Get ready for some serious cuteness.





Say hello to Ellie, my parents’ new dog.  She’s so freaking adorable I can hardly stand it.



  1. Oooh! I love puppy fuzz! And puppy breath! And puppy kisses! And puppy noses! And, and, and!

    Not envying the chewing and potty training your mom will have to do though. And, as cute as he was as a pup, I’m glad our Copper is now a big dog. Much easier than kids though! They mature so very much faster!

  2. I know, I really don’t envy the potty training. I’m insanely jealous though that I won’t be able to see her until July when I next go home. She’s just such a cute fuzz ball right now! Too adorable, I can hardly stand not being there.

  3. We should hopefully be moved up that way. I can’t wait to have a bigger yard for our dogs.


    *she melts*

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