Posted by: Andrea | January 30, 2009



There are no words.

No, wait.  There are.  I mean this is me, after all.

New York Post?  I am DISGUSTED.

Do you want to know why eight year old girls are dieting?  This is why.  Do you want to know why a fifth of teenagers have eating disorders?  This is why.  Do you know why so many of our young women feel digusting and ugly and unlovable?  THIS IS WHY.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I’ll tell you all right now, I’m a twenty-nine year old woman and I have fought long and hard to feel good about myself and my body.  I went through years of very disordered eating because I was convinced the only way for me to be accepted and worthy of anything was to be thin.  It took a lot of hard work for me to be able to accept who I am and what I look like without feeling like it’s not good enough.  I am proud of what I have accomplished, even while understanding that I’m not perfect and I still have a ways to go.

But do you know the first thing that went through my head when I saw this comic?  ‘Oh my god.  Jessica Simpson didn’t even look fat.  Her thighs are definitely smaller than my thighs.  Oh my god, if the newspaper is saying that Jessica Simpson, with her tiny thighs, looks like THAT, than MY thighs must be gigantic!’

Of course, my second thought was ‘FUCK YOU New York Post’

I’m a grown adult and I will not allow anyone to make me feel bad about myself.  I have the experience of enough years of feeling bad to understand that I need to protect myself against messages like these.  But I know there are millions of woman and girls out there who didn’t make it to thought number two after they saw that cartoon.  And it makes me very very angry.

Unless any of you haven’t seen it (which I doubt, considering it made the news stations, WHO KNOWS WHY), Jessica Simpson looked like this on sunday:


Aside from her questionable taste in mom jeans, I think she looks pretty awesome.  And yup, her thighs are definitely smaller than mine.  And I think I look awsome too.



  1. She’s gorgeous. I agree w/ you: The NY Post should be ashamed of themselves. Sure, the outfit is “questionable”…but come on.

    I also agree that you look awesome too. You’re hot. I’m hot. It’s a good thing we finally realize it. No thanks to The NY Post for getting us there, either….

  2. It’s better that she look like a real person than a barbie doll.

    And I agree that the jeans are questionable. Then again, I doubt she dressed herself. Maybe she pissed off her stylist that day?

  3. Well she WAS singing at a chili cook off. Perhaps the stylist had the day off?

  4. The only problem I have with Jessica Simpson is those mom jeans are UGLY (come on… even a blind person would think those were unsightly). Is she a bubble head? Yup? Does she have any idea what’s going on throughout the world? Doubtful. Do I think she’s fat? No on your life.

    I wrote my MA thesis on how the media creates images women can’t possibly attain. I theorized that women wanted to be thin because men saw the images and were attracted to what they saw, thereby pressuring women to be what they THOUGHT men wanted. After surveying nearly 400 college students, turns out that men actually like a bigger woman… it’s the women themselves who place an emphasis on a thin body.

    And given how the media treats women, OF COURSE we’re obsessed with being thin. I’ve been the “fat” one in my family my entire life and even when I tone up / lose weight and start to feel good about myself, I’ll pick up a magazine and read how Reese Witherspoon went from a frumpy size 6 to a svelt size 2 after her divorce.

    As if I don’t have enough problems already, now I’m comparing myself to Jessica Simpson’s “elephant-sized ass” and thinking, “Well, if she’s 4 sizes smaller than me then the world must think I’m a digusting pig. I better do something about it so I don’t offend anyone else. Awesome.

  5. WAIT. She was singing at a CHILI COOK-OFF?!?!!? Oh Jessica…you’ve got bigger problems than your out-of-style pants.

    But she’s still hot. And that’s one more chili cook-off than I’ve sung at recently. So, I guess the joke is on me, huh? 😉

  6. Pammy I agree with you about the media presenting images of women that are impossible to achieve. However it also seems like women are being told that this is what men want too, especially when presented with things like ‘The Top 7 Butterbodies’ by that jackass at Spike.

    Jessica has said quite a few times that she doesn’t like being so skinny and neither does her boyfriend. It’s only the media that won’t forgive her for deciding what she wants to look like based on her own desires, instead of kowtowing to the demands of the media.

  7. It was just the jeans… did anyone see how smokin’ she looked the other night in those tight leather pants – just 2 days after this picture was taken? Geeze, you’d think none of the critics had ever had a bad-pants-day.

  8. And like none of us has ever tried on a pair of pants and thought, ‘these are SO HOT.’ Then saw a picture of yourself in them and thought ‘NO! NOT HOT! Must burn pants….’ We all make mistakes, give the girl a break!

  9. It seems like all of NYC and LA want to “do” skeletons. Good for them. I guess that is why they need all the booze and drugs they can get. This cartoon is awful. I remember two eight year old girls coming into the grocery store I worked at years ago to get “Snackwells” because they were “going on a diet.” I was horrified. Now that I have a daughter, I won’t let those magazines into the house.

  10. I agree with you, the media needs to stop with the fat/skinny stuff. So does the modelling industry.

    Personally I think Jessica Simpson is h-o-t hot!


  11. Before getting together with my bf, we were discussing this topic and he said, “No one likes to sleep with a bike.” I had no clue what he was talking about until he explained that women with skeletal bodies (who look like bike frames) are not something he enjoys cuddling with / holding. I’ve spoken with several men who agreed: men like curves. I’m tired of magazines telling me what men want and what is attractive because it’s obvious the people writing those articles and saying what’s hot are either A) women; or B) shallow men I wouldn’t want to be with… so why am I killing myself when I know someone loves me the way I am???

  12. I know another man described being with a very skinny woman as ‘sleeping with a bag of antlers’ (thanks N). In a way I’m fine with some men liking skinny women just like some men like curvier women. It’s all cool, as long as we stop berating women for not living up to some sort of media-constructed ‘ideal.’ And as long as we acknowledge that NOT ALL MEN LIKE THE SAME THING. Not all men are going to think I’m hot, but who cares, as long as the one I’m with does?

    So anyway, good for you Pammy for finding a man who appreciates you. So did your romance finally turn into a proper BF situation? Sounds like it’s all going very well! Congrats for getting a younger man too! 😉

  13. “DID your romance turn into a proper BF situation?” Um, yes? Yes and no. He lives a few states away so it’s long-distance and we’re both busy people so we don’t talk as much as we’d like and we don’t see each other all that often. I’m hopeful that things will progress. He is an amazing guy.

  14. Well as long as you both make an effort to see each other as much as possible and keep the excitement there, you’re probably all right. Good luck with everything, any new romance, even just the possibility, is something to be excited about.

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