Posted by: Andrea | January 15, 2009

The anti-resolution

I’ve never really been one for making resolutions, mainly because I know I’ll usually just break them.  Most of the time if there’s something in my life that I know needs changing, I’ll just go ahead and change it, without waiting for the arrival of a new year to inspire me.  In the past I’ve lost weight, joined classes and started multiple new hobbies (running, rock climbing, hill walking, book group) when I felt like I was getting into a rut.  That, combined with my utter loathing for New Year has inspired me to often just completely ignore the whole resolution thing.

This year though, I was talking to a good friend of mine, who had a different view of new year resolutions.  At the beginning of each year she makes a list of goals she wants to achieve over the following year.  These aren’t things she has to immediately do or even any big changes, just something she wants to accomplish over the next twelve months.  Sometimes it’s just a one off thing, like attending a class.  Others require more work, like running a 10k.  It made me think what I want to accomplish this year and whether I wanted to even make my own list.  I decided there were a few things I’d like to do, resolution or not.  So, my list:

–    Run a 10k in under an hour
–    Lead a 6a+ on the hard wall with no cheating
–    Turn 30 with style
–    Take a Spanish class
–    Look sexy in a hot dress for Michelle’s wedding in July
–    Flirt shamelessly with someone far too young for me
–    Learn to walk in high heels without falling over

Clearly some of these will take more work and dedication than others.  That whole walking thing does NOT come easily to me after all.



  1. I’m a huge fan of your list, especially the flirting with a younger man bit. I did that and look where it got me… a younger man in my life. Ta-dah! OK, so he’s not that much younger (5 years) but I did mess around with my British intern once and he was 9 years younger. So what I’m saying is: I’ll be your cheerleader!!!

    But to be honest, what does “6a+ on the hard wall” mean? Am I being blond???

  2. No don’t worry, you’re not being blond! It’s a rock climbing thing except that the UK and US have totally different rating systems. I’m not sure what that would be in US terms, I think something like a 5.11? I’m working on my lead-climbing right now, which is difficult for me primarily due to the fear factor. I get scared I’m going to fall so I don’t push myself to climb the higher grades, even though I can climb them when I’m top roping. Basically when you’re leading you are attached to the rope and clip it in as you go, which means that if you climb above a clip and then you fall, you’ll fall PAST the clip until the rope can pull tight. It’s kind of scary, even though it’s totally safe. Just working on getting past that fear!

    Oh and I’d say five years is definitely a younger man! I’m 29 now and if I could meet a guy around 23-24 that’d definitely make things interesting. I have a friend, currently 36, who is dating a twenty year old! They met when he was 19. Even though I’m younger than she is, I STILL think 19 is a little bit young…but 24 I could definitely go for!

  3. OK, makes a bit more sense. I’m terrified of heights so there’s no way in hell I’d be able to do that. I nearly wet my pants 2 summers ago when traveling across the Alps. Seriously had a panic attack and kept my eyes either closed or focused directly on the road in front of me.

    So you think 5 years is a younger man? Not pervy or anything, though. He’ll be estatic to hear you said that. Thank heavens I don’t look my age (almost 36) and he doesn’t care about the age difference. Oh, and the only time I ever found 19 year-olds interesting enough to date them was when I was 15. Waaay to young for me but 24 would be perfect for you.

  4. Well technically anything younger makes him a ‘younger man’ but yeah, I’d say five years definitely qualifies. But not enough to make it icky (20 year olds, anyone?). I’m like you and look young so I’ll have to keep me eye open for the younger ones when I out in the pub this weekend! It’s always good to have a goal.

  5. […] checking back in I thought I’d check back on my anti-resolutions that I made back in January.  To be honest, I’d sort of forgotten about them, except for a spare […]

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