Posted by: Andrea | December 23, 2008

Still snowing, still taking pictures

Ok yeah, so I know up until now I’ve been all ‘hey, look it’s snowing and it’s snowing SO MUCH and that’s cool, I like the snow, it’s pretty and all, but really, just STOP now all right because it’s getting kind of annoying.’

I had NO idea how annoying.

I has snowed so much these past few days, I can’t even begin to describe it.  There is more snow here today than I have ever seen in my life (apparently this is the most snow we’ve had since 1968).  Sunday night it snowed about eight inches at our house, plus another half inch of ice on top.  During my Sunday escapade (more on that later) it snowed another four inches while I was out of town.  Last night it snowed another six.  We are completely and utterly snowed in.  My dad broke two tire chains trying to get out of our driveway.  My brother landed on Saturday just before the big snowfall and is already complaining about being snowed in.  I want to punch him and say ‘you don’t KNOW about snowed in.’

I managed to get some photos of the ice yesterday before the snow started again.  I went clomping down the driveway, breaking through the ice with every step.  I’ll admit, for a minute there I did think, this is kind of fun!  It’s always fun to break stuff.  The ice was very beautiful too, before it started breaking tree branches and powerlines.





Pretty, no?  Right up until our power went out, I was thinking, wow, so pretty!  Thankfully we only lost power for about five hours, most of which I was gone for.  Why was I gone, do you ask?  Well it turns out that my sister was supposed to arrive on Saturday night on a return flight from Mexico, where she has spent the last week with friends.  Except her flight from Denver was cancelled.  The earliest flight the airline could offer her was to leave Denver tomorrow night, to arrive here around 10pm.  Understandably my sister was not exactly thrilled at the idea of spending three days hanging out in Denver, so she decided to book herself onto a flight to Seattle.  She figured it was better to be in Seattle (only three hours drive away) than Denver (many many hours drive away).  She arrived on Sunday morning, right after our record snowfall.  She booked herself onto an Amtrak train, which was then promptly cancelled.  They didn’t even bother to offer bus instead, because really, who are we kidding?

So what did we do?  We drove up to Seattle to get her!

Though that’s a story for tomorrow folks.  It’s getting late here and I’d prefer to leave myself some fun to fill my time with tomorrow.  Otherwise I’d be watching tv and eating cookies, and we all know where THAT will get me.  Until tomorrow I’ll leave you with some more photos of our house on Saturday night.  Just imagine me clomping around in about eight inches of snow with a glove on one hand and a twisted claw of freezing fingers trying to take photos in the arctic cold.  I eventually came inside when I couldn’t stand it anymore.  But the lights!  So pretty!




Not a monster, just a bush with lights on it, but doesn’t it sort of look like one?


I hope all of you are keeping safe and warm these days and dodging snowfall as much as possible.  Unless you really like it.  Because let’s face it, it is very very pretty.



  1. 3rd photo from the bottom… gorgeous!

  2. Will miss you this Christmas! Stuck in Seattle! Boo…

  3. Your snow is pretty. I have only slush, ice, and… snow envy.

    Merry Holiday!

  4. I was loving the snow for quite a few days and normally I’m a big snow fan. It IS very beautiful. But when it starts to impede on my social life, I get very annoyed! It’s starting to rain now so I’m sure we’ll be left with just a bunch of slush before too long. Good in some ways, bad in others. Slush just isn’t very picturesque.

  5. I love the picture of the monster bush. That is so cool. What great photos! I say, keep it up, ’cause it is not annoying for us!

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