Posted by: Andrea | December 18, 2008

Still cold, still snowy

Just FYI, the snow is still here.


I managed to get out of the house for a haircut yesterday but it’s still cold.  Thankfully I’ve woken up this morning to more slush than ice, so I may just be able to get some Christmas shopping done today!

One thing that my mom has become obsessed with during the cold weather is keeping the hummingbirds fed.  We have a variety of bird feeders in our backyard and the battle against squirrels has been waged for years by my dad.  I’ve never really been that thrilled by birds, except for that one time as a child when a scarlet macaw flew into our backyard.  But even with my general disinterest, I have to say, hummingbirds are pretty adorable.  They are so cute and small with their teeny beaks and they way they can just hover in midair.  When the weather got really cold a few days ago, my mom started getting very worried that our hummingbird feeders were going to freeze over.  I still find it kind of amazing that a tiny bird would come out in that weather, but they do!  Here’s our resident hummingbird, getting some lunch:


Keeping the hummingbird food from freezing has now become our biggest concern, particularly when we couldn’t get out of the house in the beginning of the week.  But the funniest thing is that this particular bird has now decided that our food is his and his alone.  When my mom went to bring the food back outside after defrosting it, the bird came buzzing down and started drinking from it before she’d even hung it up!  Now he’s started chasing off other hummingbirds if they attempt to drink from ‘his’ feeder.  My mom got so concerned that the other hummingbirds might starve that she bought another feeder and hung it up on the other side of our deck.  Now we’ve apparently given the hummingbird bully a nice place to sit under the eaves so he doesn’t get wet.  The little guy has taken to sitting on a branch at the top of the tree to keep watch.  Normally I’d be all, what a bully!  He’s so mean!  But come on, he’s just so cute!  I can’t think badly of a hummingbird.


Apologies for the photo being pretty out of focus, this is the extent of the zoom on my little camera.

Here’s hoping the snow is all gone today!



  1. The winter weather has officially hit Seattle! I spent 2 hours on the bus getting to work this morning, only to arrive and find out they had officially “closed” the office. Grrr……

  2. How annoying! Did it take you two hours to get back home? Just think, much shorter commutes in only a few more weeks!

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