Posted by: Andrea | December 15, 2008

Snow daze

Hi friends.  Um, you know how you were all excited for me about going home and asked, ‘So does it snow much in Oregon?’  And how I said, ‘No, and if it does it’s only really really rarely’?


I’m thinking maybe I should have answered differently.

Thankfully I landed yesterday with no problems, all excited about my plans to meet up with friends today.  My mom said ‘oh, it might snow, you might not be able to make it’ and I thought, oh, don’t be silly mother!  When does it EVER snow here?!


Needless to say, I’ve been spending the day hanging out in the house with the parents and taking naps.  It’s been fun.  Fingers crossed the snow will melt in a day or two, but until then, I’ll be drinking hot chocolate, taking walks with my mom and if we’re feeling REALLY energetic we might decorate the christmas tree.  It’s good to be home.




  1. Oooooh! Pretty! (And gigantic pain in the butt)

    You missed a great show! Although, it snowed while I was inside, so it was probably a good thing you didn’t try to come up. Driving back in that mess would have been a nightmare…
    Nonetheless, she was wonderful, and I’m so jealous of her success. She’s definitely going places, that’s for sure.

    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. […] more reasons why winter in the Pacific Northwest is breathtaking, head on over here to see pics of the recent snowfall in Portland, where my Scomerican friend is spending her […]

  3. I have never before been so tempted to buy a birdhouse. Want. Those.

  4. Well I checked with my mom about where she got them but she wasn’t very helpful. “I ordered them from a gardener’s catalogue” was all she could remember. However she did say she bought them in a set. We have another cute pink one that is hanging from a tree too. They’re sort of like what would be in a gingerbread house’s backyard!

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