Posted by: Andrea | November 30, 2008

The hardest goodbye

My dog is very sick.  Over the past few weeks she’s been having seizures but she was put on medication and we all thought that they would stop.   Yesterday she had a very bad one.  She was seizing for thirty minutes and it only stopped when my parents took her to the emergency vet and she was sedated.  She’s been kept sedated ever since.  Whenever the vets try to take her off the medication she starts seizing again.

I know everyone always says their dog is the best, but ours really is.  She is so sweet and smart and she loves us all so much.  Whenever I come home she gets so excited that she starts to whimper and can barely hold still with all the ecstacy that her family are all home!  We used to go on hikes with her and she’s run from the back of the group to the front over and over, like she was counting us all to make sure we were all there.  She loves nothing more than sitting with her head on our laps and getting petted.  I sometimes think she doesn’t even realise she’s a dog, she loves people so much.  She’s actually afraid of little yappy dogs.  Whenever we’d go on a walk and one would run over to her and bark, she’d look up at us with this look in her eye, saying ‘what is THAT thing?  Why is it making so much noise?  What does it want from me?!’

I lived at home when we first got our dog, when I was a senior in high school.  I very clearly remember the joys of attempting to house train a dog in February.  Over the next twelve years I only lived at home when she was there for a year and a half.  But I can honestly say that she was one of the best parts about living at home.  She was so happy when I came home from work every day.  She’d go running with me and play fetch on the beach.  She brought joy to every one of us.  We used to joke about how none of us would ever get over her death, because she was like another child to my parents.  We used to joke about it because we always thought we’d have more time.

I know she’s turning twelve this month and that for a golden retriever, she’s lived a long time.  But she’s so happy and she still acts so much like a puppy.  I never thought that the time would actually come that she would get sick.  Even when I knew she was having seizures, I never honestly thought she might die.  I was looking forward to going home in two weeks because I would get to spend time with her during the day to make sure she was ok.  I never thought I woudn’t get that chance.

My parents and my sister are going to see her in the emergency unit today.  They’re going to decide what to do.  Considering she hadn’t been able to stop seizing for the past 24 hours, I know in my heart what they’re going to decide.  My mom and my sister are so upset they can’t even talk about it without crying.  I don’t even want to think about going home without her there because then I’ll start crying too.  It’s going to be awful.  And I never got to say goodbye.



  1. Awww! Poor Sophie! That’s sad…I’m sorry, hon!

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