Posted by: Andrea | November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving blues

So who was the genius who put Thanksgiving so close to Christmas?

Of all the holidays that I don’t get to participate in anymore, Thanksgiving is the one holiday that I really miss.  I can do without July 4th and Labour Day and Veterin’s day and Arbour Day and all the other ones that nobody really cares about.  But Thanksgiving is different.  Thanksgiving has FOOD.  Good food, that my mom and dad make from scratch.  They’re good cooks and they make things on Thanksgiving that they never make at any other time of the year.  And I always miss it!  It makes me very sad.

Last year I tried to recreate the magic by throwing a Thanksgiving dinner of my own.  I had about twelve people over and assigned them all traditional recipes to make.  It was really fun but it also just wasn’t the same.  We didn’t have the right table decorations and I couldn’t get some of the right ingredients and some of the food was cold because I’m not used to making lots of food simultaeously that needs to be ready all at the same time.  Plus one of my friends complained about my grandma’s creamed corn recipe and you do NOT say bad things about grandma’s recipes.  No you don’t.

It wasn’t a bad night, I think people had lots of fun.  But it wasn’t what I’m used to.  I miss Thanksgiving.  Every year I wish I could go home for it but I can’t, because it’s so close to Christmas and I can’t afford to flights home so close together.  In my head I’m counting down the days to the time when I can be home again to celebrate Thanksgiving (fyi, it’s two).

Obviously, it’s not just the food.  I love how in my house, it’s a day where we all spend time together all day and cook.  The cooking allows us all the time to chat and hang out and relax together with no time pressures.  My sister isn’t running off to the hospital or to study and my mom and dad aren’t running to the store or into the garden.  We’re all just spending time, together.  And then we get to eat lots and LOTS of good food.  It’s fantastic!  It probably doesn’t take a genious to realise that I just miss being around my family.

So this year, I’ll be at work and dreaming about turkey and stuffing.  I’m even considering making roast chicken (who can eat a whole turkey?!) and stuffing and mashed potatoes all for myself just to feel like I’m sort of a part of the holiday.  And creamed corn of course, because my friend is WRONG and it is DELICIOUS.


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