Posted by: Andrea | November 4, 2008

Election Excitement

I don’t know about you, but I’m very very excited about today.  It seems like this election day has been about a millions years in coming, but finally, finally, it’s here.  It’s not just the election itself that is exciting.  I’ve voted in two past elections that weren’t that noteworthy other than because of a vague sense of impending doom.  I don’t generally like to discuss politics here, mostly because I respect everyone’s right to their own opinions and I don’t want to appear to preach my own view.  I realize that I can occasionally be insufferably liberal and yes, that can be annoying.  But even with all that, I can’t let today go by without some commentary.  All I can say is that I’m so happy to be able to experience an election like this one.  Never in my life have I actually seen people standing in line for hours to vote.  To vote!  In America!  It’s just incredible!  All I ever remember about past elections was a sort of vague sense of duty or obligation to vote, but never an excitement.  Never the sort of enthusiasm and passion that this election has.  It’s intoxicating and it’s impossible not to get swept away in it all.  It’s not even about who wins for me, I just love that so many people are getting involved.  That so many people are voting.

It’s definitely a bit disappointing that I can’t be there to actually experience it.  Before I may have abandoned the US without much of a backward glance because of unhappiness with the political climate.  But now, I wish I could be there.  I wish I could stand in line and vote in a real voting booth (something I’ve never actually done).  I wish I could stay home tonight and watch as each of the results come in, watching as each state turns color.  Instead I’ll be going to sleep tonight at my usual time and wake up to a new president.

People ask me all the time if people here actually care much about the election.  They do.  People here ask me all the time about the election and who I think will win.  Who do I want to win?  Who am I going to vote for?  They’re all intrigued.  For once, probably for the first time, this election is something I can talk about with enthusiasm.  Not because of who I’m voting for, but because the importance of the vote itself.  The importance of voting.  It’s fantastic.  No matter whom any individual decides to vote for, I love that people are voting.  And I wish I could be there.

But I can’t.  So instead of being there, I’m making red velvet cupcakes with blue icing to take to work tomorrow.  If I can’t vote in person, at least I can make cupcakes!



  1. I think I’ll be up to watch it all happening. I think this is how football fans feel when they are watching a big match.

  2. I want a red velvet cupcake! Will you eat mine and then tell me how good it is?

  3. I seriously wish I’d taken the day off work tomorrow so I could just stay up all night. I’m settling for going to bed and then getting up early. Who cares if I’m useless at work tomorrow? I’m too excited to sleep!


    And oh, red velvet. Om nom nom!

  5. They were SO GOOD too. Check out for the recipe, though prepare yourself for WAY TOO MANY cupcakes. Seriously cut that recipe by 1/3 or else you’ll be eating cupcakes at all meals for days, like I did. But they were so good it was almost worth it!

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