Posted by: Andrea | October 12, 2008

Finally getting the point

I spent a week in Chicago in the beginning of the month at my good friend Kirsten’s wedding.  I met Kirsten when she lived here in Scotland and we were both doing our masters degrees.  Kirsten was the only other person in our class of 52 who was American.  By a total fluke we got along really really well and Kirsten became one of my closest friends in Glasgow.  A little over a year ago Kirsten decided to move back to Chicago.  Not long after that, her long-term boyfriend moved to Chicago from Germany and they were finally able to live in the same city after being apart for the previous four years.

After nine years together, Kirsten and Jesse finally got married on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous wedding, and I’m normally pretty cynical about these sorts of things.  Most weddings I attend, I keep a secret list in my head of Things I Would Never Do At My Wedding and make additions throughout the night.  But this one?  Everything was perfect.  There was just enough of Kirsten in the wedding to make it personal (her brother was her maid of honour and no other bridesmaids) but enough of her mom to make it elegant (fantastic wedding band, all white flowers and table linens/decorations).  Both Kirsten and Jesse were so excited.  I was especially touched when Jesse said that even after being together for nine years, he was still so nervous he hadn’t been able to eat anything all day.

The whole thing really was spectacular.  Trust me when I say, it would have been easy to get caught up in all the glamour.  Six course dinner!  Lobster and steak for dinner!  Open bar all night!  But what touched me the most about this wedding was how special it was to see two of my friends get married.  I have not ever really felt that at weddings.  I’d be happy for them and pleased they were getting married and all of that, but I can sort of take or leave weddings.  I always thought I’d elope if it ever comes to that for me, run off and get married up a mountain or something like that.  But sitting in that ballroom and watching Kirsten and Jesse dance together, I was so touched.  It suddenly all made sense to me, why someone would want to go through all this craziness for just one day.  It really WAS a celebration of them as a couple.  A chance for all of us to celebrate the love they’ve had for each other for nine years and how happy we all are that they’re finally getting married.  Kirsten and Jesse were described as ‘buddies’ and ‘soulmates’ and it’s absolutely true.  They didn’t need a wedding to show to all of us that they’re in love.  It was still fantastic that they had it though and I was so glad to be there.   It actually made me think I might want to have a wedding myself one day.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just growing up and getting a little less cynical.  It’s probably about time.


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