Posted by: Andrea | September 20, 2008

Not a good sign

I’ve mentioned before how things are totally insane at work right now.  Everyone is incredibly stressed because of too few workers to handle too much work, plus the total absense of a manager for the past two months.  We’re all stumbling into work in the morning craving coffee (or tea, this IS Britain), eating too many biscuits and avoiding phone calls from irate clients and carers.  Or crazy clients and carers.  Or crazy irate clients and carers.  THOSE calls are the BEST.  Yesterday I had an office visit from a guy who has a serious anger management problem.  One time he threw a chair through an office window.  It hit a low for  me a week or two ago but I’ve managed to bounce back recently.  I think that is the direct result of my trip to Chicago on Monday!  I’m going to see my family and I’m more excited for this trip than I have been in a very long time.

To manage the stress levels, we’ve started having team meetings every few days.  That way we can check in with each other and to get advice on cases if we need it.  And yes, have a little whine.  On Wednesday one of my co-workers was saying she was getting really worried about how she was dealing with work stress.  She’d been managing things ok but just the night before had had a dream about work.  ‘It was horrible!’  She said. ‘I’ve NEVER dreamt about work before!’

‘Oh that’s nothing.’  Said another of our co-workers.  ‘I’ve been dreaming about work for weeks.  Last week I dreamt that our team leader stood up in the middle of a meeting and shot me!’

Methinks the situation is getting dire.



  1. Boy howdy do I know how you feel. My last job was the worst… you should read some of my earliest blog posts. I threw up all the time, stopped eating, my hair started falling out, I cried everyday… it was a joy. On the bright side, I lost 12 lbs. in 2 weeks so that was nice.

    When your job sucks, the rest of your life sucks as it permeates EVERYTHING. So so sorry. But Chicago should be a blast! Bring a jacket because fall officially starts today.

  2. Hmm…I wouldn’t mind losing 12 pounds…

    But yeah, the rest of it doesn’t really make up for that! Work stress is the worst kind of stress to have for sure. I feel a little bit guilty for leaving my co-workers to deal with everything while I’m in Chicago. Well…not TOO guilty!

  3. Oh, it’s never good when you start dreaming about work. Ugh. Stress is awful.

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