Posted by: Andrea | September 16, 2008

My republican name

So apparently, if I was Sarah Palin’s daughter, my name would be Luger Otter Palin. I think this is just the coolest mix of Republican and Alaska.

And can’t you totally picture her naming a child Luger?  I think if I ever decide to crash the republican convention, I’m registering as Luger Otter.  It’s my new undercover name.



  1. Mine would be Hose Hotrod Palin. As in “garden” Hose. What a freak I would be!

    Oh well….at least they got the HOT right. 😉

  2. I shall now be known as Thump Hummer Palin. Could I BE anymore American? Ta-cky!!!

  3. HA! I like that one! Thump AND hummer. Awesome.

  4. Buster Taint Palin! Woo!

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