Posted by: Andrea | August 14, 2008

Another way to waste time

Like many MANY others, I love the show The Office.  One of the characters that I simultaneously love and am endlessly annoyed by is Kelly Kapoor, played by Mindy Kaling.  I’m not really a very girly girl, so Kelly can be a bit grating to me.  But I adore how well Mindy plays Kelly, especially considering Mindy is one of the writers too!  That is one talented woman, which is something I always respect.

I recently ran across Mindy’s blog, hilariously titled ‘Things I’ve Bought that I Love’.  It was then that I realised that much of the inspiration for Kelly obviously comes from Mindy herself.  She’s admittedly a young woman who has no children who has a great job, so she has a large amount of disposable income.  What to do with all of that?  Buy stuff!

I know, I know.  It’s normally not something I’d EVER be interested in reading.  I mean I hate buying shoes that cost more than $70 (and even then, that’s only running shoes) and the last time I bought jeans was over a year ago.  But Mindy is just so hilarious in her love of luxury items that I can’t help but love her blog too.  Who else could write something like this when discussing a hair brush?

I’m one of those people who would literally pay a person a hundred dollars to play with my hair and scalp for twenty minutes so I especially dig these brushes. If I’m on my deathbed, I want my husband or daughter to play with my hair as the morphine slowly saps the life from me or whatever. It just feels so good.

Most of what she writes about means nothing to me because I have absolutely no disposable income (people ARE NOT KIDDING when they say things cost twice as much in Britain.  It totally does and it sucks).  Plus I can’t buy most of this stuff even if I did have money because they’re mostly US based products.  However, if I was a lovely comedy writer and had lots of money and drove a red mini (oh how I wish I drove a red mini!) then I just might buy some of this stuff.  Especially the cupcakes.  I love cupcakes.

So if you’re looking for a giggle, head over to Mindy’s blog.  Then you too can read hilarious descriptions like this:

My old strategy for picking up speed on the treadmill was to pretend like my mom was kidnapped at gunpoint but if I ran fast enough, I could like, save her somehow. Even if you have a vivid imagination, which I do, that’s pretty hard to commit to that for longer than 20 seconds, because in the back of your mind you’re like “this is totally fake, you fucking idiot.” and you start thinking about something else and slow down. Also, it’s weird.

Then you can also laugh out loud and totally give away that you’re not working at all but are reading blogs because you just can’t face another assessment without taking a break from the madness, just like me.



  1. You are the second person to recommend that blog in less than six hours…something is totally in the wind today.

    My only question is: do you think it’s sincere, or do you think it’s a premeditated outlet of comedy? A “joke test factory” as it were?

    The other recommending party (who is a jaded jaded person) thought it was pure joke mining.

    I just laughed. A lot.

  2. I’m actually not sure. Each entry is really funny but it doesn’t seem like she’s obviously writing for laughs. And if you WERE trying to test out jokes, it seems like a really weird topic to choose. Writing about makeup and clothes? But then again, I’m totally gullible and generally take things at face value, so who knows? I’m the same as you, it just made me laugh. And as a person who’s generally not interested in makeup or clothes, that’s quite a feat!

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