Posted by: Andrea | August 11, 2008

Random giggle of the day

I was on duty today at work, so I was doing my best to kill time by reading blogs and generally doing my best to break the ‘internet usage’ rule.  I’d missed the finale of So You Think You Can Dance so I was reading up on the show on the Entertainment Weekly website.  I was just reading along when I came across the following description about a previous episode:

‘Fortunately for both of them (Comfort and Twitch), I don’t think anyone is going to remember that ballroom number after they demolished Dave Scott’s futuristic hip-hop routine saddled with costumes that belonged on a 1950’s sci-fi series.  On public access.  In England.

OH MY GOD.  That was the best laugh I had all day.  That joke is only truly funny if you’ve ever witnessed the glory that is Red Dwarf.  The first time I ever came to Britain I stayed with a family in Penrith, England.  I was a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation at the time, so everyone familiar with Red Dwarf will understand my confusion when I saw it.  I was thinking, um…is this a joke?  What the hell IS this show?  It’s just the perfect example of the difference between America and Britain.  In a good way, of course, since I enjoy the humor of Red Dwarf.  Or is that humour?

Second giggle of the day, from the same article: ‘It’s a good think Chelsie never had to dance for her life, because, like so many SYTYCD ballroom dancers before her, she hasn’t a clue how to do a solo in her style that looks like anything other than a tryout for a position in the Ministry of Silly Walks.’  Hee!

Apologies for anyone who doesn’t watch SYTYCD (what’s wrong with you?!) or Red Dwarf.  But those quotes were really funny.  Trust me.



  1. I feel like I need to leave a comment filled with references to smeghead and Cat.

    Of course, you realize that the mere fact that you’ve seen, comprehended and STILL enjoyed an episode of Red Dwarf leaves you in the “irredeemably geeky” catagory; which is a Rimmerverse from which you can NEVER escape.

    On the other hand, if you go to ComiCon as Kristine Kochanski (because we’re all going “in costume” i guess), you will win. Flat out, hands down, plane-and-simple, you will win.

  2. To be completely honest, I preferred the books to the show. But then there’s something just hilariously amusing about hearing Lister’s real accent. I think Rob Grant and Doug Naylor are geniuses. And if that makes me ‘irredeemably geeky’ then I’m ok with that!

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