Posted by: Andrea | August 1, 2008

Random thoughts from today

I was walking to a home visit yesterday and a fox ran out in front of me.  I stopped in my tracks and stared, thrilled.  It was a fox!  In daylight!  A fox right there in front of me!  Unfortunately around here, a fox is sort of like a squirrel – just like a rat but with a better outfit.  I still thought it was pretty cool though, I generally like urban animals.  It’s pretty neat how they have adapted to living with us taking up all the space.  Well, except when coyotes back home started infiltrating the cities and eating pet cats.  Not so fun.

Oh, and did you all know that fox pee smells just like a skunk?  It does!  For three years I’d get a whiff every so often and get really confused, because, wait, they don’t have skunks here!  Nope, but they do have foxes.


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