Posted by: Andrea | July 19, 2008

Practicing my basketball skills

Yesterday at work, we all came across the latest and greatest attempt by our corporate hive-mind employers to save money.  They’ve taken away all our personal garbage cans.  Also known as a rubbish bin here in the land of Scot.  They’ve replaced all the bins with big communal bins placed strategically around the office, which forces us all to get up a billion times a day to throw things away.  Or else, like me, drop things into a little pile under my desk where the bin USED TO BE.  Take THAT corporate hive mind!

However, I also noticed a new and interesting development.  One of the new bins was placed approximately six feet to the left and behind where I currently sit.  Which just happens to be the perfect distance to perfect my basketball skills!  For those of you who knew me in middle school, and for the rest of you who read my 100 Things, my basketball skills are well known.  Maybe I should clarify that.  My LACK of basketball skills are well known.  I figure it will take me a very long time of tossing indiscriminate objects across the walkway before I can perfect my aim.  Maybe by the time I do, they’ll have given us our rubbish bins back.  A girl can only hope.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of my lack of basketball skills, they are unfortunately still remembered approximately 15 years after I stopped playing.  I was on a hike with my family when I was home a few weeks ago and we got onto the topic of sports.  My three little cousins are amazing athletes and all do very well in their respective sports (swimming and soccer).  I was lamenting my utter lameness in basketball when I was their age and had the following exchange with my dad:

Me: Ugh, do you remember me in basketball?  I was SO bad at that.

Dad: Oh you weren’t so bad.

Me: Dad, I never even learned how to dribble!

Dad: No, you had fun!  And I don’t remember you being that bad.  I definitely remember you making a basket one time.  Maybe even twice!

Oh people.  I played basketball for FIVE YEARS.  Apparently my skill was memorable.  Ahem.


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