Posted by: Andrea | July 16, 2008

For everyone who needs a little pick me up

I was just cruising the ole internet today and I came across the most fantastically amazing video.  I don’t know if anyone else has heard of Matt Harding, but he’s this guy.  This guy who travels around the world and dances.  He doesn’t dance well, mind you, but he dances enthusiastically.  Last year, he travelled to 39 different countries on 7 continents and he danced.  But the best part about it?  He didn’t dance alone.

People, I can’t say it in stronger words, but I LOVED this video.  It made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes.  It brought so much joy to my heart and all I could think was, this world is one fanfuckingtastic place.  So for anyone who wants to feel a little bit of happiness, check it out.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.



  1. i agree with you completely. I also was very moved by the video.

    In a time when we are bombarded with terror was and injustice.. it was a fantastic change..

    here’s what I wrote

  2. I agree with you about the news media, it’d be nice if there was some reporting about good things, not always about death and war and terrorism. Of course, that sort of thing doesn’t get people scared, and for years it seems like its been the goal to keep people scared enough that they won’t argue. A little bit of joy is perhaps so moving because it’s so rarely seen.

  3. im with you on that one 100%

    lets keep up with our positive thoughts, blogs and sharing.. it all makes a difference somewhere,somehow..

    enjoy scotland.. im living in israel at the moment and its sooooo lovely.. nothing like they show on the news!!!

  4. That’s so true about so many places! A friend of mine was born in Israel and went back to visit a few weeks ago. She had the most amazing time and she’s been encouraging me to go. Someday…there are just SO many places I want to visit, it’s hard to choose!

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