Posted by: Andrea | May 28, 2008

Cookies can make it all better

Today at around 3:30pm the following words actually came out of my mouth: ‘Ooh!  I have cookies!  I will now eat the cookies and they will make me feel better.’  OH yes, I was fully in the grips of One Of Those Days.

I’m dealing with multiple hospital discharges at work (I manage care packages and about a billion other things for people when they go home, when they can’t manage stuff like showering or making meals on their own).  So I had the intense pleasure of talking to discharge nurses who were telling BIG PORKY PIES (aka lies – love that cockney rhyming slang!) about the state of their charges just to get them out of the damn hospital already.  I had one nurse who was swearing up and down that this particular man now needed to be discharged into a nursing home, even though the last time I saw him (Friday) he only needed a bit of help to shower and make dinner.  How can he now simultaneously need 24 hour care and yet also not have any medical needs that require him to be in hospital?  It boggles the mind!  And then there was the woman who refused carers from particular areas of the city because they just might gossip about her.  Even though if they DID, they’d be fired.  And honestly?  Carers have better things to do than talk about you.  Seriously.

When my ear started hurting from being on the phone so much, I thought, ok, time for me to go home now.  And then the phone rang again.  Because going home?  Not so much an option when I am required by my job to stay here, until the work day ends, and answer that damn phone.  Some days, I HATE duty.  Just go away, all you people who are phoning here with your problems and your ‘oh they’re going to gossip about me’ issues (NO THEY WILL NOT.  THEY HAVE LIVES). 

Seriously, I’m not this bitchy to people when I talk to them.  I am a good social worker, I swear.  I mean, I actually listened to the woman with her gossip issues and then spent three hours trying to find her a care package that she liked, instead of just telling her to take what we were offering and live with it.  I’m just mean to you guys!  I swear!

The cookies did make me feel better though.  Sometimes all you need are a few cookies.  Then I went rock climbing, because even though I love the cookies, I don’t want them to remain on my thighs forever.  And what cookies can’t fix, a bit of dangling up a wall with sweat dripping off my face managed cure!  I might just be able to face tomorrow after all.  

And from the ride home: which is worse – fear of heights or fear of public speaking?  I’ve never really had either, though a healthy bit of fear the first time you go 50 feet up is pretty normal.  I’m not afraid of public speaking either, more annoyed at being asked to do it.  But I know they’re both pretty standard fears most people have.  Is public speaking really that bad?  Or is rock climbing worse?  Discuss!

Edited to add: I realize I’ve been doing quite a bit of whining around here these past few days.  I do apologize!  I promise to be much better in the future with less complaining and more enthusiastic excitement.  Or a least a few more book reviews.  But excited and enthusiastic book reviews!



  1. I have neither a fear of heights or a fear of public speaking. So I don’t know.

    I’m much more interested in what the best cookies are at the end of a long day? Oreos? Home made chocolate chip? Fig Newtons? Danish butter cookies? Scottish Short Bread?

    I’m guessing it’s the scottish short bread biscuits.

    And hey, we’re your blog family. We’re here for you to whine at. It’s like our job. That’s why the internet pooped out the blog-o-sphere…the whining had to go somewhere, right?

  2. Oh man, I wish I could get oreos! They don’t sell them here at all except special delis with imported food. If I could just get some oreos and american peanut butter I’d die a happy woman.

    Scottish shortbread biscuits are definitely very very good. My favorite thing is have a nice cup of tea, usually ‘baby tea’ (lots of sugar and milk) and eat a few biscuits. It’s gotta be either something with chocolate – digestives with dark chocolate are one of my favorites – or else a rich tea biscuit dipped in the tea. Sounds gross, but seriously. TRY IT. The cookies I had on tuesday were chocolate chip dipped in chocolate. So delicious and perfect to give me that extra boost to get me through the day.

    I think my favorite favorite cookies are probably homemade chocolate chip. But only the way I make them, very chewy! I take them out of the oven before they look done, but then when they cool they’re perfectly soft. Can’t have them any other way! Now if only my kitchen was a bit bigger and I could actually make them, life would be complete.

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