Posted by: Andrea | May 15, 2008

All About Me

I had this whole post typed out, titled ‘Why We Write’ and it was this whole thing about why I finally capitulated and started this blog and thoughts on why people choose to post things online for billions of people to read and blah blah blah boring.  I decided nobody cares about how my sister called a guy she knew from med school a ‘douche’ for keeping a blog and how they all read it and laughed at him and how I don’t want to be called a douche!  Except you know, I probably am one from time to time.  And I’ll probably be called that and worse in my life.  Most likely by my sister.  She has a way with words, my sister.

So whatever, we write and we hope people will read what we write, and it all makes us seem a little bit more human.  And though I might be worried that what I write is boring or too long or has too many run-on sentences, at least it’s honest and it’s real and it’s me.

And because everybody seems to need to post this list eventually, here’s even MORE about me!  100 things, in fact.

  1. I can’t sleep if there is any noise at all in the room.  Even a dripping tap will keep me awake.
  2. However, once I slept through a hotel fire alarm.  Three times in one night.
  3. My favorite book is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. 
  4. I adore the movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.
  5. I judge potential dates on whether or not they like these movies.  I do not feel bad about this.
  6. I am insanely neat.  Except when I’m not. 
  7. I am totally anal when it comes to proper grammar and pronunciation.
  8. I hate the taste of hazelnuts.
  9. I take a book with me everywhere I go, except when it won’t fit into my purse. 
  10. I specifically buy most of my purses so that they’re big enough to carry around a book. 
  11. My favorite word is eucalyptus.
  12. I’ve been swimming in Loch Ness.
  13. I love dark chocolate.  If it’s not dark, I don’t see the point in eating it. 
  14. I have curly hair but I think I look better with it straight.  This makes me sad.
  15. At different points in my life I have had red, blonde and brunette hair.  The red phase was a direct result of seeing Kate Winslet in Titanic.
  16. My sister and I were extras in the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus.  We got so bored we left at lunchtime and were yelled at by a production assistant for our ‘lack of commitment.’
  17. I have never met anyone remotely famous.
  18. I think the Queen of England is pretty cool.
  19. I find kilts extremely sexy.
  20. I love being kissed on the curve of my neck, right above my shoulder.
  21. I’m not sure if I will ever want children. 
  22. I have recurring dreams that my mouth is filled with gum and I can’t get it out. 
  23. I played basketball for five years.  I never learned how to dribble.
  24. I tend to be very blunt with my opinions.  But only to my friends.  It’s how you can tell I love you. 
  25. I think hunting is morally wrong.  Unless you’re lost and starving in the woods and you eat the entire animal. 
  26. I cry easily at movies but rarely in real life.
  27. I hate Valentine’s Day, particularly when I have a boyfriend.  I would rather ignore it than be given a gift out of obligation. 
  28. My favourite food is strawberries.
  29. I’m secretly afraid my entire family finds me boring. 
  30. I don’t believe in soul mates. 
  31. My family has a dog, Sophie, who lives back home in Portland.  I truly believe she is the best dog in the entire world.
  32. I think being able to play the guitar or violin is extremely sexy.
  33. Even though I’ve taken lessons twice, I’ve never managed to play more than three chords consistently on a guitar.  But there’s nothing I’d like more than to be able to play. 
  34. One of my life ambitions is to climb to Everest base camp.  Not to the top, just to base camp.  Because I’ve seen Everest: Beyond the Limit and I’d rather not turn into a frozen personsicle left behind because it’s too hard to move a corpse off the mountain. 
  35. However, I secretly think it’d be pretty awesome to climb Everest. 
  36. I have an insane ability to remember useless movie trivia.
  37. My family refuse to play trivia games with me because of this.
  38. I absolutely hate the word ‘panties.’  I refuse to even say it out loud. 
  39. I love museums, particularly the Smithsonian
  40. I adore photography, especially landscapes, but I wish I could take better photos of people.
  41. I watch far too much TV.
  42. I’m not sure if I will ever find someone I would like to marry. 
  43. I love, love, love snow.
  44. I hated Tom Cruise long before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.
  45. I am very ticklish and absolutely hate to be tickled.  Don’t let the laughing fool you. 
  46. I find tattoos very sexy on men but don’t ever want one myself. 
  47. I studied voice for the majority of my life and seriously considered attempting to be an opera singer.  However, I absolutely hate singing karaoke.
  48. When I was younger, I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up.
  49. I was extremely upset when I discovered this was impossible.
  50. At various times in my life, I have wanted to be an archaeologist, marine biologist, forensic anthropologist, writer, psychiatrist and opera singer.
  51. I’m now a social worker. 
  52. Every single week I wonder at least once if I made the right choice. 
  53. I am passionate about rock climbing.
  54. I can currently climb a 6b (approximately 5.11 in US terms).  I am inordinately proud of this.
  55. I was once technically obese.  I’m not anymore. 
  56. Even so, I don’t consider myself a ‘fat woman in a thin body’
  57. I also don’t consider myself thin.  Or fat.  Except on bad days.  I’m just me. 
  58. When I was very young, my sister and I would run in circles around our stairwell each night before going to bed.  Naked.
  59. When I was little I had a nightgown that I absolutely adored.  I loved this nightgown so much that when I grew out of it I couldn’t stand the thought of my sister getting it as a hand me down.  So I hid it under my mattress. 
  60. I also used to tell my sister when she was too young to understand that pennies were worth more than all the other coins because pennies were made of gold.  And I would trade her pennies for quarters.
  61. My brother would often babysit for my sister and me when we were younger.  Once he handcuffed my sister to a chair upstairs and left her there.
  62. When I was three I was playing ‘feet fight’ with my older brother, who was seven at the time.  “Feet fight’ involved lying down on a couch and putting your feet sole to sole.  Whoever straightened his or her legs first won.  I did not win.  My brother kicked me off the couch and directly onto our coffee table.  I needed three stitches. 
  63. I learned to ski when I was five.
  64. I started piano lessons when I was five too.  My mom used to bribe me with ice cream and gum so that I’d practice.  I was not allowed to quit until high school. 
  65. By high school I was good enough that I enjoyed playing.  I’m so thankful my mom wouldn’t let me quit. 
  66. When I was in grade school I really liked taking those Iowa Tests that compared your IQ to all other kids in your grade throughout the country.  I thought they were fun.
  67. I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school, at which we were forced to go to church several times a year during school.  One time we were singing ‘And they will know we are Christians by our Love’ and a big beam of light came streaming through the skylight.  I thought to myself, that’s God. 
  68. I still believe in God.  I find it very hard to believe in organised religion.
  69. I was baptised when I was nine.  This was directly due to the influence of my father’s mom, who refused to let her ‘grandbabies end up in purgatory.’
  70. When I was ten my entire class at school understood that Joe McIntyre from New Kids on the Block was my boyfriend.
  71. I was kicked out of my sixth grade English class for reading a book hidden in my lap.  I did this constantly.
  72. In the seventh grade my basketball team won second place in a citywide tournament.  The championship game was played at the NBA arena.  Still didn’t know how to dribble. 
  73. I attended horse camp for three summers in my early teens.  I met my first crush there and we wrote several letters, which I still have.
  74. I spent the majority of my middle school years wanting nothing more than for a boy, any boy, to like me more than Mary Buchner.
  75. I went to Denmark when I was 14 with a girlchoir to sing in a big international choir festival.  My first trip without parents and with boys.  Totally awesome.
  76. My friend Essatych and I spent one entire afternoon learning all the steps to ‘Seize the Day’ from Newsies so we could dance along.  We were much older than you’d imagine when we did this. 
  77. I loved the song ‘I Touch Myself’ when it first came out.  It was probably ten years later that I finally figured out what it meant. 
  78. I sang in choirs for years and year and years (age 10 until approximately age 25) but haven’t sung in one since then.  I really miss it most of the time and other times not at all. 
  79. My best singing experience was still in my high school ensemble.  Absolutely loved every single minute of it.
  80. I also did drama in high school.  Did not love every single minute of that
  81. The first time I took my driver’s license test I failed. 
  82. I went to my senior prom with a guy I’d only spoken to twice in my life.  My good friend Essaytch talked him into asking me.  After the prom he asked me to a movie several times over the summer.  I didn’t like him ‘like that’ but didn’t know how to tell him this so I just kept telling him I was busy.  To this day I still feel guilty about this and wish I could track him down to tell him I’m sorry. 
  83. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with junk food and TV, mainly because we weren’t allowed much of either.  Once I got a Twinkie as a special treat and my dog stole it off the table and ate it.  I cried. 
  84. I choose to think this was just my way of getting as much food as possible before the teenage years: a.k.a. –  fun with eating disorders. 
  85. I was 12 when I went on my first diet.
  86. I spent the next 13 years hating everything about my appearance.
  87. From my high school experience I truly believe every teenage girl has a problem with food.
  88. First kiss: the son of a family friend when we were on holiday to Disneyland.  My only memory was that it was kind of long, involved a lot of tongue and I got kind of bored.  I was 16 and couldn’t believe it had taken so long for me to do something so uninspiring. 
  89. My senior year in high school, my biology teacher gave me 100% on my final – without even reading it – because ‘that is what you give to life.’
  90. No, I wasn’t sleeping with him.  I’m just that cool. 
  91. However, the only way I managed to pass chemistry is because my teacher felt sorry for me.
  92. I once worked at the zoo as a character from the computer game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  We dressed in costume and sang songs.  Kind of like Disneyland.  Except the extremely lame version.
  93. The first time I got drunk was at our high school graduation party.  I had two cans of beer and had a total panic when I arrived home to find my dad still awake and I had to tell him how my night was.  I don’t think he figured it out. 
  94. The biggest crush of my life was on Alan from college.  I adored him so much and I was so excited the first time I went over to his house for a party that I got absolutely hammered and refused to leave with my friends.  He eventually had to drive me home, with his friends following to ensure he didn’t get into an accident.  It was years before I could think about this night without cringing. 
  95. Needless to say, I didn’t date much in college.  Or, at all. 
  96. I considered being a doctor for awhile (I know, I know, a woman who can’t even pass high school chemistry does not a future doctor make) but realised this was impossible when I couldn’t even keep my eyes open through an episode of ER. 
  97. In May 2007 I ran a 10k in one hour.  I’m not at all convinced I could ever do it again. 
  98. I found my first boyfriend online.  Following this experience I find it very difficult to recommend this method to anyone else.
  99. This same guy actually gave me a hickey that required me to wear a turtleneck to work.  I also discovered that a hickey is incredibly annoying past the age of 13.  As punishment he was not allowed to kiss me again until it went away.
  100. I type insanely fast.  Which just means I can pretty much write every single though that comes out of my head.  To the peril of many.


  1. One of the best “100 Things” posts I’ve ever read. I agree with no. 98 with every fiber of me being.

  2. I can only go with what my experience was like, but I think the whole internet thing can really mask THE CRAZY. And I include myself in that, absolutely! People present themselves in the best light they can, but it still allows people to connect in a way that doesn’t demand any sort of social skills. At least when you’re meeting people out in normal circumstances, each person has to have the sort of basic skills of conversation and small talk and how to connect with someone. I got embroiled with this guy so much faster than I expected to and then couldn’t figure out how to get out of it. He’d turned to the internet to find a connection and suddenly I was the only person he had in his life. He had few other friends and I shouldn’t have ignored that big red flag. It just meant that I’d let this person into my life that ended up being ultimately pretty unstable. There was probably a reason he didn’t have many other friends! I’m sure someday I’ll write about what it was like, though at the moment (a year and a half later) it’s still a bit too much to come to grips with just yet. I can honestly say it boggled the mind how he could think it was ok to say horrible, spiteful things while at the same time begging me to take him back. It’s made me a lot more cautious in my personal life, which has made me sort of sad. But necessary, I guess.

  3. O.M.G. I have a MILLION responses to every single one of these! And I’m honored to be included in some! 😉 To that end, what shall I say:

    #3…Thank you for making me read this book. One of my all time faves.
    #52…you did. I can’t imagine you being anything else. It is so YOU. And I know you’re awesome at it (don’t tell yourself otherwise).
    #61…among 100 other worse things I’m sure he did. When did your parents catch on?
    #75…that was the funest trip EVER! Oh those Contra Costa boys were ADORABLE! Although, I’ll forever hate Nicole for constantly “staking her claim”…he’s MINE!
    #76…I’m still ashamed about the dancing. I deny all knowledge. But I do remember all the words, and could probably still play it on the piano!
    #79…Chili Con Carne, Chili Con Carne, Chili Chili Chili Con Carne…
    #82…who was it?! I don’t remember. Was it that tall skinny guy from choir/Pirates? Matt something?
    #92…Scoop and Trace!!!!! I still remember getting beaten up by kids because I was a villian. “I ain’t Gibbon to cryin’, but there’s no denyin’…you hold the MONKEY to my heart!”
    #100…you do know that you talk as fast as you type as fast as you think, right? 🙂

    I LOVE YOU!!! WAHOO!!! Come home and move to Seattle. Hey, I’m just sayin’… 🙂

  4. Oh and DC….DITTO!

  5. […] skills!  For those of you who knew me in middle school, and for the rest of you who read my 100 Things, my basketball skills are well known.  Maybe I should clarify that.  My LACK of basketball skills […]

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