Posted by: Andrea | May 12, 2008

Why dreams are always better than real life

Last night I dreamt I was a superhero.  Well, maybe not a superhero exactly, but I sort of resembled Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil.  I was super fast and super strong and had a bunch of big guns.  It was awesome.  There was some kind of zombie-type man and I was part of a team of…police?  Big tough guys with guns?  The riot squad?  I’m not quite sure, but I do know that I was the top tough guy who was sent in to deal with the crazy zombie guy and basically save the day.  And yes, I know that listening to someone talk about their dream is probably the single most annoying thing to have to endure.  I’m aware, and I do apologize, but I’ve had a tough week, so I’m just going to keep talking and hopefully you’ll keep reading.

The funny thing is, when the alarm finally jarred me out of the dream, I was so upset because I didn’t want to wake up and deal with the real world.  I wanted to go back and shoot big guns and kill zombies and save people!  It all seemed so much easier in the dream, with someone I could fight and beat and win.  I was angry and energized and being able to physically fight the big mean scary thing, it was so cathartic.  I wish there was some way to do that in my real life.  I woke up and it made me want to join a kick boxing club or a shooting range.  Or maybe I just secretly want to join the police and fight zombies.  

In reality, real life has been kicking my ass these days.  My boss has been possessed by an evil soul-sucking demon that has turned her into a compassion-less cynic with no ability to care for anything except her own suffering.  As a manager of social workers, this can cause professional problems.  Particularly for the employees she manages, all of which have not lost their ability to be sympathetic.  I’m having serious reservations about my relationship due to nothing that can be changed and no fault of either party, I’m just starting to think we’re ultimately not compatible.  Which totally sucks because I love him and he loves me.  I’m turning 29 in two weeks, which in and of itself is not actually a problem.  I have no problem with my age and am actually looking forward to my thirties.  Except it’s made me take a long look at my life and rethink a lot of things, now that I am getting older and my wants and desires have naturally changed.  So there’s that.  And it’s all gotten to be a bit overwhelming.

What I wouldn’t give for a big gun and a few zombies right about now…



  1. Nice! Now you need a good Superhero name. Hmmm….what sounds good? You can’t have The Assimilator, cause that is mine. 🙂 I’ll think on it and keep you posted…

  2. Hey cool! I’ve always wanted a superhero name! 🙂

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