Posted by: Andrea | May 6, 2008

The girly girl quotient

Not long after I started dating my boyfriend, he made some comment to me about how I’m not at all a ‘girly girl.’  I was kind of surprised but also sort of pleased, as he meant it as a compliment and I took it as such.  I’d never really considered my ‘girly girl-ness’ but felt that his assessment was probably pretty appropriate.  In reality, I’ve probably done my best not to be very girly at all, mainly because I can’t be bothered with all the time-consuming pampering and upkeep.  However, I mentioned what the boyfriend had said to my mom and she seemed surprised, which definitely got me thinking!  Am I a girly girl or not?  Then I was reading some blogs recently and came across this post by Nicole at 100 Different Things.  What would my list look like?  Well, sort of like this (and thank you Nicole for the inspiration!):


Ways I am NOT a girly girl:

–  Never match my bra and underwear.

–  Hate makeup and prefer not to wear it.  Never wear foundation.

–  Only use moisturiser because my skin is dry, not to beat wrinkles.

–  Never wash off my make up.  Never wash my face except in the shower.

–  Hate heels and feel awkward wearing them.

–  Only buy new shoes/purses if my old one wears out.

–  Never grow my nails or wear any kind of polish.  Cut them down to nothing on a regular basis due to rock climbing necessity.

–   Never in my life have I worn an ‘outfit’.  Wouldn’t even know how to create an ‘outfit.’

–   Don’t have or would know how to create a ‘look.’

–    Hardly ever do my hair.  Only wash it when absolutely necessary.

–    Hate to shop.  My absolute limit is one hour.

–    Would never, ever under any circumstances pay more than $150 for shoes.  And that’s usually only good running or climbing shoes.

–    Fully believe that women who spend $500 on manolo blahniks are idiots.

–    My boyfriend irons his clothes more than I do mine.

–    Don’t really like chocolate.

–    Don’t particularly like babies.  Don’t want one anytime soon (or maybe ever).

–    Hate fashion magazines.

–    Never had a manicure, pedicure or facial.

–    Hate Valentine’s Day.  A lot.

–    Only get my hair cut every 4 months or when my highlights grow out so far it’s ugly.

–    Like to go camping.  Favorite pastime is rock climbing.  Own an ice ax.

–    Not that into mushy lovey dovey talk.  Don’t say ‘I love you’ very much.

–    Not that concerned about having or not having a boyfriend.

–    Don’t like weddings. 


Ways I am a girly girl:

–    Always drink diet coke.  Never EVER drink the full fat stuff.

–    Worry about my weight and if I’m not on a diet, feel like I should be.

–    Know how to cook and enjoy it.  Wish I baked more, particularly cupcakes.

–    Like fruity drinks and wine with my friends.

–    Do sort of like to go and look at babies when they appear.  Will occasionally hold one if particularly cute.

–    Read gossip blogs and magazines MUCH more than I should.

–    Will discuss a relationship ad nauseum and completely dissect and analyse every aspect of it.  I love to do this.

–    Get bikini waxes.  Pluck my eyebrows. 

–    Love massages and would have them all the time if I could afford it.

–    Get my hair highlighted. 

–    Favorite thing to do while watching tv at night it to cross stitch.

–    Do like getting all dressed up in a dress, heels and matching accessories for special occasions.

–    Would like to be married someday.  Worry that it’ll never happen. 


Hmm…well it looks like it’s pretty clear where I fall on the girly-ness spectrum!  I’ve always known I have no patience for fiddling around with beauty products or fancy clothes or shoes.  But compared to my sister (super sporty and wears shorts and tshirts all the time, unless she’s in surgical scrubs) I’m positively super-girly!  So maybe it depends on who you’re comparing yourself to.  So ladies, compare!  How girly are you?

p.s. I have absolutely no idea if I’ve used the term ‘quotient’ correctly, I just thought it sounded good.  I’m a word gal, not numbers.  Does that make me more girly?


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