Posted by: Andrea | April 8, 2008

Dashboard Confessional

I was going to write a post all about how much I’ve grown since I’ve been here, that I’ve gained confidence and independence.  That I’ve managed to go to my first movie by myself the first year I moved here and my first concert by myself a year ago.  But sometimes, it’s not about me and it’s just about basking in the awesomeness of an amazing musical experience.

Last night I went and saw Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional.

He played an acoustic set, meant to highlight his newest album, but thankfully with a bunch of the old favorites thrown in.  I adore Dashboard Confessional, mainly because of Chris’ amazing songwriting.  Some of my favorites are his early ones – For You to Notice, So Impossible, Remember to Breathe and Hands Down are the most adorable description of a perfect first date, from nervousness for your crush to notice you all the way to the date itself.  A bit high school, but I can’t help but relate to the what he says.  He’s been able to speak to the little teenager in me that just wants that cute boy to notice me but also the more grownup side of me too.  He has a wonderful way with words and his songs are beautiful.  

Check it out for yourself:

Now I didn’t take this video, but it was from last night and I adore this song.  And the best part about this is that you don’t hear me singing in the background where my camera picked it up.  Probably best for all.  DC concerts are amazing because the audience takes such a part in it and it’s so much fun being part of that audience!  

Here’s one of his new ones that I really liked:

I love how he writes from the heart and in such beautiful ways.  One of my absolute favorite songs is ‘Stolen.’  ‘You are the best one, of the best ones…’  Sigh…



  1. That’s my fave line from Stolen too!! Man I wish I had been there! When you move back, we’re so going to see him together. Too much fun…

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