Posted by: Andrea | April 6, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

I had a relatively uneventful weekend, which was exactly what I needed after a busy week at work.  Lots to do and my senior is still off sick so we’ve all been pretty much left to our own devices.  Good on one hand but really annoying when we need her confirmation to do something.  It’s been a good way for me to force myself to be a bit more self-reliant at work though, so in that respect it’s been a good thing.  

Friday Night: I met up with two of my good friends for dinner at Mama-San, a new asian fusion restaurant.  I’d been excited at the prospect of Sushi until I discovered it was asian fusion, and so only featured one sushi item on the list: rolls of different description.  The only one that was actually traditionally sushi at all was the california roll, the others were filled with chicken and asparagus and sugar beef.  The meal was delicious but left me wanting some real sushi soon.  Conversation mainly consisted of a discussion of my friend C’s current relationship and why she shouldn’t break up with her current boyfriend.  It also eventually turned to me and my current relationship and my stress about where I want to live in the next few years.  Unfortunately this was following two bottles of wine and a round each of white russians, french martinis and mojitos.  Clearly not a lot of deep discussion happening at this stage.  This is something I’ve been worrying about for quite awhile but I didn’t come to much of a decision about anything at all, really.  I’m sure this will feature in a future post also, as it’s been on my mind for a long time.  

Saturday: I slept in late and woke up with a hangover (thanks C!) and decided not to go for a run after all and instead sat on the couch and watched two seasons of this great Irish tv show, Father Ted.  It’s about two priests living on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland with their slightly batty housekeeper and a third priest who’s always drunk.  The only dialogue he says at all is ‘Drink!’ and ‘Feck!’ and ‘Girls!’.  You’d never believe this would a successful tv show but it is very very funny.  

Saturday night I went with my friend G to one of her friends’ house for a pampering evening.  She’s arranged for a woman to come to her house and do half hour treatments, like manicures, pedicures and facials.  I’m usually not really into this, mainly because I keep my fingernails cut very short for rock climbing, so a manicure is out.  It’s too cold here to ever wear sandals so a pedicure doesn’t make much sense and I don’t really need a facial either.  However, when I arrived it turned out she was also offering massages.  I love massages so I got one of those.  Total bliss.  We also discussed a wide variety of topics while we were waiting, including waxing of various kinds.  Of course the whole bikini wax came up and we were talking about them and how painful they can be.  I couldn’t resist and told the story about the first time I got a bikini wax at home in the US.  

This was the most surreal experience of my life and perfectly highlighted the differences between Britain and the US when it comes to ‘intimate things.’  A wax in the UK involves paper underwear to pretend to protect modesty, when in reality you’re displaying a large portion of your anatomy to a total stranger.  However as long as the paper underwear are there, we can all pretend that nobody can see anything!  In the US?  Total opposite.  The woman didn’t even leave the room when I changed and didn’t give me anything to cover me up at all.  She proceeded to chat away to me while I was lying there, feeling slightly exposed and bemused by the whole experience.  It seemed a bit strange, but I thought, well, when in Rome…  But when she actually used the term ‘pretty kitty’ I thought, yes, definitely, strangest experience I’ve ever had.  The funny thing was, I found this strange but totally amusing.  While my friends thought it was funny too, I think that was mainly because it had happened to me and not to them.  If it had happened to them I think they would have been deeply mortified, as opposed to bemused.  Ah well, life’s too short to be embarrassed easily.

The rest of the weekend I did laundry, cleaned my flat and also, finally, watched the opening episode of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica.  People, please, if you like television at all, you must watch this show.  But especially if you like tv that’s smart, that challenges accepted opinions about our own society.  This show is so well constructed and deals with so many current issues, particularly about war, terrorism and our own responses to them.  One of the episodes last season dealt with suicide bombings.  It is very, very good television.  Plus it won the Peabody award (the most prestigious award in television).  I could wax eloquent for many many paragraphs but I won’t.  Just watch it.  You’ll be glad you did.

More to come another time about struggles and stresses.  It’s enough for one weekend to watch good tv, eat good food with good friends and get a massage.  The stresses will wait for another day.



  1. hey! guess what we have here in seattle … SUSHI.


  2. See, I knew I liked it there! May have to move just for the sushi. 🙂

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