Posted by: Andrea | March 19, 2008

Fun with phones

One of the most entertaining things about living abroad is talking to my Grandma on the phone.  Both grandmas, actually, because they both say the exact same thing whenever I speak to them: ‘I just can’t believe I’m talking to you on the phone!  And you’re so far away!  And it’s so clear!’  Yes Grandma.  This is a phone.  It’s what it was invented to do.  Even cell phones.  It’s a miracle that way.

This is endlessly entertaining for me, especially when I can repeat these conversations to my friends and make them laugh, though for some reason on repetition my Grandmas always sound Irish.  Not quite sure why that happens.  I figured this reaction is normal, because hey, they’re old.  Though I was a tiny bit surprised that my mom’s mom said that, since she not only has a flat screen tv and multiple other pieces of electronic equipment, but has no problem emailing and browsing the internet.  But those phone calls, those are confusing.

This was until I had a conversation with my mom on her birthday last weekend, during which she accidentally turned on the speaker phone on her cell phone when she answered. 

‘I don’t understand, you’re very loud and you’re coming out of a different speaker, what’s going on?  Can you hear me?  Hello?’

‘It’s the speaker phone mom, you probably just pressed the button.’

‘I have the phone up to my ear but you sound weird, is this working?’

‘It’s the speaker phone function mom, you don’t have to put the phone up to your ear.  You can just talk, I’ll hear you.’

‘Well wow, that’s a pretty neat function!  You can put the phone down and drive and still talk!  Did you know about this?  I’ll have to have your sister show me how to do this in the future.’

And then I feared for my own future, where someday when I’m also 60 years old I’ll start pressing random buttons on electronic devices and marvel when sound comes out.  Apparently it’s genetically inherited.



  1. My mother keeps her phone burried in the deepest chasms of her purse so that when it starts ringing (at full volume) it takes her 10 minutes to find it. Yeah, she’s one of those…

  2. Okay. I feel old. I’m 42, and 60 is very close. I don’t think 60 is old – that is why I’ve deduced that I must BE old! ha ha!

    I have to say, I don’t think it’s an age thing. It’s called keeping up with the times – and some people just don’t care to! My boyfriend’s mom is that way. “How come my email has these white boxes with red x’s in there? I think there are suppose to be pictures, but they don’t work on my computer.” OR the classic, “The cable is not working” when you have satellite television. 🙂

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