Posted by: Andrea | March 17, 2008

No wait, don’t marry him!

Not to belabor the point from my last post, but I found it kind if interesting that this was posted this Sunday on the always awesome Postsecret :


(sorry, I know it’s small but I’m totally lame with pictures, so just go the link, it’s towards the bottom) 

I think what really struck a chord with me was mostly that the wonderful friend of mine who emailed me that story got really depressed when she read it.  She’s had the moments of fear, the ‘I don’t want to die alone!’ anxieties.  It doesn’t help her (or anyone else alive, for that matter) to have an article sitting there that basically says, ‘BE AFRAID!  Because you WILL die alone and when you do you’ll have no one to blame but YOURSELF!’  I understand that she doesn’t want to die alone, I totally get it.  Neither do it.  Sometimes I think that maybe I’ll change my mind and have a child just so I have someone to call from the nursing home when I’m 90 and force them to come and explain all these new technologies that are just too complicated for me and why can’t we just write letters by hand anyway?  Oh sorry, is that just my grandma who does that?  No?

 I think maybe it’s because I have quite a few friends who are in their 30’s and not married, not even close to married.  We’ve all sat around many times and decided that when we get old and if we haven’t found the right guys, we’re going to get a bunch of houses all together and we’re going to hang out and have the coolest old lady commune ever (and a few guys too, I’m sure we’ll never discriminate).  We’ll drink martinis (French Martinis, Gill!) and we’ll sit on our front porches and we’ll cackle and play drinking games and we’ll take care of each other.  I think as long as we have companions, we’ll be ok.  And I know from the bottom of my heart that I’ve been blessed in the companion category.  I have some of the most amazing friends I could ever wish for and I will never ever abandon them.  I know people get scared that they’ll be the only one not married and everyone will leave them to die alone (SETTLE!  SETTLE NOW!  How dare you live past 40 UNMARRIED?!).  But i promise all my friends now, you can always come and stay in my crazy old lady commune.  Because it is going to be awesome.  Even if I do get married someday, I’ll still have the commune.  Because everyone who knows me knows, a little marriage isn’t going to stop the crazy.  But I truly believe we don’t need spouses in order to keep from dying alone.  All we need is each other.

Except for the sex, it’d be kind of hard to go without that.  But that’s what escorts are for. 



  1. Hello?
    Yes I’d like to make a reservation at the Crazy Old Lady Commune, please.
    Well, of course just a reservation for one…unless, that is, I can bring my cat?
    Oh, cats are welcome, you say?
    They are in ABUNDANCE, you say?!
    Well, then I think I’ll feel right at home. Scrabble anyone?

  2. Let’s try poker! Unless we can play scrabble with swear words, then I’m in! 😉

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