Posted by: Andrea | March 14, 2008

I love my job.

What never to say to me mid-rant while yelling about all the things you should be getting because your life is just so hard and apparently nothing will ever be good enough, EVER: ‘I know you’re trying to help, but…’Yes.  I am trying to help.  It’s my job.  So shut the fuck up, you ungrateful woman.  GOD. 



  1. I dare you to actually say that. I DARE you… 🙂 Oh, and follow it with door slamming. That always drives home the point, I think.

  2. Would slamming the phone down suffice? I think the end of the conversation was ‘clearly we’re not getting anywhere, so if you’d like to take this up with my team leader you’re welcome to do that. Goodbye.’ Stupid social work training, making me be nice to people!

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